5 Design Tips In Under 5 Minutes: Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

03/19/2014 03:25 pm ET | Updated May 19, 2014

Now that we have had a sneak peak at spring, it is giving us hope that the worst of the winter weather is behind us. You may not know it, but the energy of your home could be weighing you down. Now is the perfect time to kick off the season by adding a little freshness to your home. Here are five tips that will have you and your home feeling renewed in no time.

  • Pare Down and Organize
    Paul Raeside
    No need for excess -- spring is the perfect time to thin things out. Start with closets by pulling out clothes and shoes you have not worn in a while. Be sure to donate them so that someone else may get some joy out of the items. Same goes for books and magazines and anything else that's been accumulated. Remember to tackle the pantry, fridge and medicine cabinet too. When in doubt, throw it out! Once everything is pared down, organize what is left. Baskets, decorative boxes and bowls are a great way to keep a sense of order to everyday things. After a good once-over, your space will get an instant lift and you will feel refreshed and lighter too. Designed by Nina Farmer. Photographed by Paul Raeside.
  • Bring In The Green
    Eric Piasecki
    I'm always still amazed in the power of the flower. A grouping of one type of flower in a clear vase can lift the mood of the room and bring a smile to the face. So, make it a point to pick up fresh flowers even if it is just one flower for a bud vase on a bedside table. Definitely consider orchids, succulents, and cacti too, as they last much longer. Also, don't forget that fruits and veggies are not only nutritious but a great way to add color and freshness to a room. A large bowl of oranges or a mix of lemons and limes can have a huge impact. Or try something with more texture like artichokes. Designed by Steven Gambrel. Photographed by Eric Piasecki.
  • Add A Splash Of Color
    Tria Giovan
    You've heard this before, but here it is again. Pick up a paint brush and a gallon of paint and you've just bought happiness. If always stuck with beige and grey, walk through that fear by painting a closet, kitchen or bathroom a pastel color. And for those not afraid of color, paint a bedroom a soothing color like lavender, blue or green. Save bolder colors for entryways and living spaces. Another route would be to splash the ceiling or door with a little color. Choosing a Paint Color: Never go with the most intense color of a shade or risk a room that is overpowering. Instead pick a shade that has a little grey in it. The room will feel more sophisticated. Designed by Joshua Smith. Photographed by Tria Giovan
  • Feather Your Nest
    William Waldron
    Pack away the heavy wool blankets and the darker toned bedding and opt for something light and bright. You cannot go wrong with crisp white sheets and a fluffy white duvet. Toss in some throw pillows with color and pattern and you have gone from hibernating cave to airy nest. Designed by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller. Photographed by William Waldron.
  • Shine
    Peter Murdock
    One of my favorite things about this time of year is that the sky light begins to gets brighter and lasts longer. Use that to your advantage at home. Add furnishings of reflection to add more shine to your space. Consider metal candlesticks, bowls or lamps. If considering a new upholstered piece, get a chair or sofa with nail head trim. A fail proof option is to hang a mirror to bring in more light to a room, but always pay attention to what will be in the mirrors reflection. It should be something pretty, like a light fixture. Designed by Joshua Smith. Photographed by Peter Murdock.