05/25/2011 11:45 am ET


Try as I might, I just can't resist joining the Schadenfreude fest! Over at the LA Weekly, we've got our own special election coverage for those who hunger for more post-mortem on Schwarzenegger's defeat. Bill Bradley spent last night at
the labor coalition’s victory bash
at Sacramento’s Grand Ballroom and has some dish about the internal fallout on the Governor's team from the State of California's resounding Nein!. Bradley captures the people's sentiment thusly encapsulated:

“They’ve treated people like they’re stupid all year,” remarked Gale Kaufman, quarterback of the anti-Arnold team, shaking her head. “People are not stupid. It’s enough! Fuck him.”

Harold Meyerson details the labor strategy that won, puts his neck out for Angelides in 2006, and wonders of Arnold hasn't finally killed it for actors who want to get into California politics:

THE CONVENTIONAL WISDOM, I KNOW, is that the governor will re-center himself (he certainly reverted to his nonpartisan persona in his election-night concession speech) and be able to wage a strong re-election campaign next year. I’ll believe that when I see it...

And locally, Robert Greene writes about how Team Antonio took the mayor's old district.

(Illustration by Mr. Fish.)