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Half of Recent Missouri School of Journalism Grads Can't Find Jobs

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Did you want a job after graduating from the University of Missouri School of Journalism? Yeah, we did too. Sadly, we have some news that doesn't bode well for us. The journalism school has the lowest post-graduation placement rate of any academic college at the University of Missouri. And you thought the starting salaries for J-Schoolers were bad!

In Fall 2009 and Spring and Summer 2010, 4,507 people graduated from the University of Missouri. Of the 2,777 MU graduates who replied to the Vice Provost's Destination Study, 68 percent of them are now employed or enrolled in a continuing education program (you can see the full results of MU's Destination Study here). The school with the highest placement rate is Mizzou's (much smaller) School of Social Work with 100 percent of graduates now in jobs or in graduate programs. Sadly, the school with the lowest placement rate is our very own journalism school, at a mere 53 percent.