12/02/2013 04:27 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2014

New Documentary Celebrates C.S. Lewis and the Acclaimed Author's Quest for Meaning


C.S. Lewis, celebrated novelist, theologian, critic, and poet, died 50 years ago, just an hour before John F. Kennedy Jr. was assassinated. With all the attention the last few weeks surrounding the president's death and the questions it rightfully provokes, let us not fail to remember the legacy of one of history's brightest minds. Largely known for his fantastical stories involving witches, fawns, and dwarfs, C.S. Lewis also authored some of the most intellectually robust works of any generation.

On November 19th, a new documentary premiered on YouTube, highlighting the renowned scholar's journey from atheism to a devout commitment to the Christian faith. Narrated by Welsh actor Robert Blythe, C.S. Lewis & Intelligent Design is a 17-minute film, one of three short pictures inspired by The Magician's Twin, Lewis' treatise on science and society.

For many years, C.S. Lewis struggled heavily with the argument for intelligent design. "One of the things that may surprise viewers," said John West, editor of The Magician's Twin, "is just how angry Lewis's atheism could be in his earlier years."

His journey, involving many years of seeking and questioning, eventually led him to belief, to an understanding of the beauty of life, created life, despite the overwhelming presence of natural evil in the world. The documentary features interviews with Victor Reppert, among others, and the late British philosopher Antony Flew, a well-known atheist who came to faith six years before his death.