07/27/2011 10:08 am ET | Updated Sep 26, 2011

Dinner for Eight

I've partnered with GayCities, Absolut Vodka & my favorite local cafe Farm:Table to cook dinner for eight -- for the person that best answers this question: What is the best SF night out for dinner & drinks?

I'm excited about cooking a meal in a place that doesn't have a proper kitchen. Farm:Table -- which I like to think of as my "Cheers" -- isn't much bigger than a walk-in closet. But, it does seat eight people comfortably at its grand little table. I love coming in for my daily latte or on occasion; I like to drag the trash that slept in my bed the night before in for breakfast. The owner really gets a big kick out that. Either way I'm comfortable here thanks to its smiling and attentive staff. The food is simple -- because of their lack of kitchen equipment, which doesn't stop them from putting out some super tasty and creative stuff. Everything is local and organic and I haven't found a better soft-boiled egg for breakfast yet. Soft-boiling an egg is an art. One I don't take lightly. There is a garden on the rooftop (with a really cute gardener) that is supplying the chef with some lovely fresh herbs.

The dinner contest is shaping up to be pretty awesome. Farm:Table is closed for dinner, so the restaurant will be ours. I plan on bringing in my own linens, Heath Ceramics and flatware from my home. I'm a huge collector of all those things -- especially floral print linens. I can't pass them up at any cookware shop, yard sale or flea market. I also have an addiction to printed-paper napkins (forgive me Mother Earth) -- but that's another story. I've been going around and around about the menu. But, it's too early to set something in stone yet. My tastes tend to run on the Mediterranean side. I love big bold fresh flavors. And I do love a little surprise tucked away somewhere in a meal. Usually when I plan a dinner menu I always like to make something I'm familiar with and then add in something I've never attempted before. This makes it fun for me and makes it interesting for my guests. So this may just be the case. Lucky for me, The Castro Farmer's Market is supplying all of the seasonal ingredients. Thus why I can't make a decision about the menu yet -- I need to see what ingredients they've got first!

It's very interesting to hear what people think would be a great night out for dinner and drinks in San Francisco. We live in a city that has many varied dining options. For me eating out is such a personal thing. I like to be comfortable when I dine out -- whether it is formal or not. And I'm big creature of habit. You'll find me at my favorite spots weekly -- eating the same things over and over again. I love the burger at Zuni just as much as I love the banh mi at Saigon Sandwich. The last time I dined at Zuni Café for dinner without a reservation the host was already getting my table together as he saw me pulling up in the car. I appreciate little things like that. Though the dinner I'm preparing won't be served till September, the answers are coming in at a steady pace to the question, and are due by August 11th. I want to hear what you think is a great night out in SF.

More than anything I want the winners of this contest to feel like they are having dinner in my home. I really can't wait to cook!

Loads of Love, Juanita

Juanita MORE! might be in the know, but she wants your help to find the best places to go. Share your best answer for a night out for dinner and drinks, and Miss MORE! will choose one winner to receive a dinner party for you and up to 7 friends, prepared and hosted by Juanita, at farm:table. Entries due by August 11th.