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Christmas Toys That Suck

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It's that time of year again, when small children become completely obsessed with getting toys and adults are forced to buy them. Here is a list of 6 toys that many elementary school aged kids want but should not have under any circumstances -- trust us, we're bloggers. You should feel free to interpret this advice in one of two ways:

(1) I will choose not to buy these products because I see now that they're not great for kids and families, or

(2) I am feeling passive aggressive so I will buy them for my niece because it's the socially acceptable equivalent of giving her mother the finger for Christmas.

This is a truncated list. There's a lot more. Perhaps you have some additional items you'd like to share. Feel free. And while I'll get my children stuff that they want for Christmas and hope that those gifts will not turn them into little crack-heads, there's always the fear... The fear that a relative will give in to their bad judgment and send a Bratz doll and then my head will explode. Happy Holidays.

Barbie Glitterizer
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This genius of a toy basically blows glitter all over the place. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? I recently heard glitter described as "the herpes of crafting supplies." I didn't even think that was funny because I'm still dealing with the aftermath of "Glitter Parenting Fail '08" -- a misguided project involving glitter glue and valentines. This is the perfect gift for the child of someone that you hate with a fiery passion. But if you like them, steer clear. Yay or Nay? Hell nay.
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