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St. Patrick's Day Surprise Mocktail Recipe

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St. Patrick's Day Surprise Mocktail

St. Patrick's Day is upon us and what kind of sober blogger would I be if I didn't have a hidden St. Patrick's Day Mocktail recipe for you all?

This is a simple, gorgeous mocktail which is a bit of a surprise, your guests won't expect the burst of Grapefruit flavor that will greet them with the first sip!


•2 parts grapefruit juice
•1 part sparkling water
•1/4 lime
•1 drop green food coloring
•crushed ice
•ice cubes

•Fill a shaker with ice and add grapefruit juice, sparkling water
•Squeeze lime juice into shaker and add green food coloring
•Shake vigorously until well combined
•Pour into glasses filled with crushed ice
•Garnish as desired


In the event that you find this a bit tart, why not add in a touch of honey or sugar?