Sartorial Bespoke

09/29/2010 05:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sartorial bespoke and a young cosmopolitan woman -- how does it work?

Well, the Vacca spring/summer 2011 collection that we just showed at the Lincoln center is exactly about that. Everyone seems to be talking about men's tailoring for a woman... The idea behind our collection is about the quality of fabric and the craftsmanship of tailoring, but in a fashion forward way while still remaining timeless and completely unpretentious. The tailoring is all about heritage, and we decided to add something from my own heritage -- Uzbekistan
handwoven silks with ikat prints. Why not to mix heritage and authenticity and make it modern? To me it is very cosmopolitan.

2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_010.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_025.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_044.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_056.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_077.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_102.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_121.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_152.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_172.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_193.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_218.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_242.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_266.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_293.jpg 2010-09-29-SS11_DomenicoVacca_322.jpg