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Justin Moss


Opera in TV Commercials

Posted: 07/17/2012 7:50 am

We've talked about the use of opera in movies and cartoons due to its ability to enhance the underlining emotion of a scene. When placed in the right context, and sometimes in the entirely wrong context, the use of opera makes for great comic moments. This is the reason why opera is also highly prevalent in another popular form of mass media, TV commercials. Whether delicate treats or a cold beer, you'll find a wide range of products turn to opera when looking to appeal to the public.

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  • 10. Kohler

    The synchronized shower heads add to the sheer joy of singing along with "Fini... Me lassa" from Bellini's <em>I puritani</em> in the shower! Are you the maestro of your shower?

  • 9. Extra

    One of the many things we're proud of in opera is the sheer power of the voice. Although opera singers study for years to hit high notes and hold them, there's clearly no match for the long lasting power of Extra. Bravo!

  • 8. Pepsi

    Following her starring role in the MTV hip-hopera version of <em>Carmen</em>, Beyoncé starred in this Pepsi commercial, which adapts the lyrics of "L'amour est un ouiseau rebelle" to describe the happenings in the commercial.

  • 7. Ghirardelli

    Looking to impart a sense of elegance and refinement to your product? Opera is the way to go! At least Ghirardelli thought so when they used <em>Lakme</em>'s vigorously delicate "Flower Duet" in this commercial. Despite the presence of a narrator, the music takes center stage and is responsible for the overall tone of the video.

  • 6. Bud Light

    Here's a common opera stereotype-notes that can break glass. As the soprano's voice swells as she sings above the staff, bottles disintegrate, giving away the guys' secret stash. Now you know -- no glass bottles at the opera.

  • 5. Carlton Draught

    This hilarious commercial changes the lyrics of <em>Turandot</em>'s "Nessun dorma" to profess "I look much better in slow motion." The dramatic and gentle aria is an ideal juxtaposition to the comical antics of a group of men at a bar.

  • 4. Dove Men

    This commercial was designed for SuperBowl 44 and uses the "William Tell Overture" to montage viewers through the ups and downs of life, leaving them feeling accomplished and powerful.

  • 3. Heineken

    Looking for an operatic piece to set your beer commercial to? Look no further than the Drinking Song ("Libiamo ne' lieti calici") from <em>La traviata</em>. Filled with a sense of celebration and calling for everyone to drink, it's the perfect tune! Watch closely at the crowd and how their lips move in sync with the music.

  • 2. Kellogg's Rice Krispies

    Kellogg appeals to children and adults in this commercial, using "Vesti la giubba" from <em>Pagliacci </em>to show the heartbreak that results when you run out of Rice Krispies ... and when your mother in law visits!

  • 1. Pepsi

    He rushes out of the theater mid-opera in search for a Diet Pepsi and finds the bar has run out. His dismay is conveyed perfectly by the notoriously melancholic aria, "Vesti la giubba," from <em>Pagliacci</em>. This commercial also features pieces from <em>Norma</em>,<em> La gazza ladra</em>, and <em>Aida</em>, as well as does a great job of portraying the grandeur of opera sets, costumes, and staging-so we'll forgive Michael J. Fox for dozing off at the beginning!


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