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It was a perfect night for a pre-eclipse French Quarter stroll, so here are photos of some scenes along Royal Street. These images were seen through the windows of Tanner Original Art, Barbara Yochum's Dream Studio, Harouini Gallery, Rodrigue Studio, Antieau Gallery, Historic New Orleans Collection, Alex Beard Gallery, PK Gallery owned by Mario Padilla and Will Kirchheimer, as well as the Hotel Monteleone's literary window. Each gallery's link is listed under its photo, and there's nothing like original art as a holiday gift with everything available from prints to puzzles.

There are also photos of a Winter Solstice King, Touchdown Jesus and as a lagniappe the lunar eclipse. So from New Orleans, ranked the best place to celebrate New Year's Eve by Travel & Leisure, Happy Solstice, Happy Full Moon, Happy Eclipse and Happy Moment When the Moon Returns.

All photos by Jeff "Lunar Eclipse Winter Solstice" Beninato.

Tanner Original Art
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Tanner at work, the artist seen through the branches of his window display at Tanner Original Art, 830 Royal Street, New Orleans. He draws inspiration from memories of the forest, a peaceful place in his childhood. That's easy to see scanning through a slideshow of his images at Haunting Art.
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