02/06/2009 03:04 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Boxer KO's Graham in Battle of Theatrics (VIDEO)

TPM featured this footage from yesterday's congressional debate between Senators Barbara Boxer and Lindsey Graham. In wordage that has the internets buzzing, Boxer twice mentioned Senator Lindsey Graham's theatrical manner:

"I find It really rather amazing that the senator is holding up a bill. Holding up bill - Theatrical! Did you ever do that when George Bush was president and he sent down a bill twice as big as that? Did he ever do that? Cause you can do that, that's theatrics. You can do that."

Senator Graham's Response:

"I will put my ability to speak my mind to my party up against anybody including you senator. I've been on this floor many times . . . "

Well you get the picture.

Lindsey Graham is not only theatrical, in a different party he could have been fabulous. Larry Craig, David Vitter, Mark Foley, Charlie Crist, J. Edgar Hoover - historically a gaggle of Republicans have raised eyebrows across Capital Hill. But if Boxer is speaking in some kind of code it is fascinating to imagine what will happen if she ups the ante every day until the Stimulus Bill gets passed. Because, frankly, Lindsey looks nervous. It could sound something like this:

Boxer on Friday:

"I find it astounding that the senator is fighting green jobs in so flamboyant a manner.

If Graham's anti-stimulus theatrics keep up, at some point Senator Dianne Feinstein may need to step in and remind Graham that when it comes to impassioned rhetoric he would do well to learn from Harvey Milk's hope speech in 1978. Graham, however, voted against the federal marriage amendment so she would need to point out, Lloyd Bentsen style:

"I knew Harvey Milk. And you, sir, are no Harvey Milk."