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05/25/2011 12:10 pm ET


Ray Davies Alleged Perp Released


He brought her to a club down in old N.O.
where you drink champagne and it's spiked just like
Coca Cola
They put a gun to his girl and asked for her purse
The situation would get much worse
Down in NOLA
N-O-L-A Nola, NO NO NO Nola

Well, Ray's not the world's most physical guy,
But when they took her handbag he got spry
Down in Nola, NO NO NO Nola, NO NO NO Nola
Kinks aren't dumb but he can't understand
why the D.A. released his shooter again - out of controlla
Yeah way down in Nola, NO NO NO Nola, NO NO NO Nola

Down at the Station, post-attack
He had the license number of a Pontiac
The alleged driver was in the car
But he says he didn't see who shot down the star
Well this ain't the world's most passionate blog
But Ray Davies deserved that snog
Down in NOLA
NO NO NO Nola, NO NO NO Nola

He chased down the purse. Got shot in the leg
Then fell to the ground. In the Fauburg Marigny
If it's a New Orleans robbery you might go free

Well that's the way that it was when Ray
"Put himself in harm's way," (said the Police Chief),
Down in NOLA NO NO NO Nola.
Thieves will be thieves and may rob your girl
And get away in a post 8/29 World
Down in Nola. NO NO NO Nola. NO NO NO Nola.

He would have left home just a week before
If there had been notice to get to the court
Instead alleged perps are walking free
But Ray's still a rock star hero to me
Down in Nola.
NO NO NO Nola. NO NO NO Nola.