03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NBA's Grant Hill Endorses New Orleans Mayoral Candidate

With less than a month to go before early voting opens, New Orleans mayoral candidate James Perry scored an endorsement from the NBA's Grant Hill, an All-Star with the Phoenix Suns.

"Some call this place 'the city that care forgot.' Most of us know from reading stories over the past four years that New Orleans, a city brimming with artists, culture and musical history is in trouble," Hill wrote. "Hurricane Katrina exposed how infested the city government was with corruption, inefficiency and ineffectiveness. No matter where we live in America or what our political persuasion, I think we all want to see New Orleans great again.

"I have a special connection to the city," Hill's endorsement continued. "My grandmother lived there and my mother was raised there. But so many of us have been there, know about the city and want to visit in the future."

He describes Perry as "the son of educators," pointing out that the bulk of Perry's education was gained within the New Orleans city limits before the post-Katrina flood.

"James received his B.A. and his J.D. at universities in New Orleans," Hill said. "The Perry family lived in New Orleans East, where young James witnessed first-hand the decline of his beloved neighborhood even before Hurricane Katrina swamped it with floodwater. Even though he's only in his 30s, he has already run two nonprofits that help people with housing issues and he has been in the trenches fighting for reform and fighting to stop discrimination.

Hill asked supporters to "Show the rest of America that we value culture, music, artists and the history New Orleans has contributed to the fabric of America. Too often candidates with a real vision and the right motives lose, while flawed leaders with baggage win. Too often elections are won by the deep-pocketed political power brokers and political insiders.

"As Executive Director of the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC), a private, non-profit organization created to promote equal housing opportunity. Under James' leadership and management, GNOFHAC has tripled in size and helped thousands of residents," Hill said.

Contacted for a New Year's comment on his campaign, Perry answered: "I resolve to fight everyday to make sure that New Orleans is as great as she can be... to ensure that she is safer and more prosperous for all her residents."

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