Top 10 Most Annoying Top 10 Lists for 2010

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dropping from the sky like so many Baby New Years, the annual influx of top 10 lists has already begun. Listapalooza becomes even prevalent at the end of a decade because the top 10 list is, in fact, catnip to lifestyle columnists. The year end roundup can also be an editor's saving grace when the newsroom clears out for the holidays. Here are the 10 most annoying styles of Top 10's I've come across.


  • Top 10 Celebrities Whose Star is Rising, written by their publicist. The publicist is listed as number 9.
  • Top 10 Downloads of the Decade, one described as Captain Beefheart meets Karen Carpenter meets GWAR!
  • Top 10 Screwups of the Rich and Famous. Schadenfreunde alone draws millions of clicks, particularly if one is a golfer.
  • Top 10 Things You've Been Doing All Wrong and Need to Change, Starting with Buying my Book, Top 10!
  • Top 10 Years of the Decade. It ends at 2009. This is when the holiday content famine begins to become apparent.
  • Top 10 Ways to Climb to the Pinnacle of the Social Media Heap, written by La Connection Maven Extraordinaire. That's her legal name.
  • Top 10 Lifestyle Tips for Achieving Everyday Perfection From Someone Who Used To Be Just Like You!
  • Top 10 Deadliest Female Killers. This in an actual Top 10 of Top 10 lists. I'd link, but why encourage Number 11?
  • Top 10 Reasons You Get Nowhere in Life Without a Life Coach. Written by Eagle's Breath, the life coach of a life coach.
  • Top 10 Numbers between 1 and 10. "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10."

Happy 2010.