06/06/2005 12:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tom Cruise, George W and Religion

For God’s Sake, or should I say, for Ron Hubbard’s sake? I don’t see what all the fuss is, with Tom Cruise and Scientology. Tom Cruise, is no different than our President, or many of our world citizens, in expressing church rhetoric, finding religion and expressing their faith on company time. Tom, whose own Father, abandoned his family, as a child, displays symptoms of extreme Father Hunger. In interviews, Mr. Cruise is passionate in expressing a distant void with his Father. God, religion becomes the replacement for Daddy Love. Ron Hubbard, becomes the perfect, Science-Fiction, Pagan Idol to transfer the need of devoted son.

This transferred dedication, of Tom’s impulse to bring up Scientology, to the point of forcing Scientology, missionary tents during filming, pushing one’s own sense of religion, into the workplace, onto everyone and everything can be perceived as a thinly, veiled disguise for intense, taboo feelings that need to be protected with his manic episodes of public displays of moral judgment. Something is wrong on the ranch.

We have seen this demonstrated by President George W. Bush, who is adamant in his devoutness and goodness, his belief in life, yet not born, while willfully bombing and occupying Iraq. This psychotic evidence, safely reasons that George W. Bush exploits religion in order to confuse and disguise his sadism. Bush demonstrates his disguised feelings of rage, in his self righteous feelings for Sadaam Hussein and the war in Iraq.

Why did our President persist, to find the man and the weapons of mass destruction? Becasue, George W is the man with the weapons of mass destruction. George W is identifying himself so to speak, he is not speaking about Sadaam Hussein, he is projecting. We can use his system of projection with his compulsive usage of evil doer to apply to his own war crimes. This is George speak. He is speaking about himself.

When Tom Cruise says he does not believe in Anti-depressants and psychiatry, when our President does not believe in stem cell research, we are in the dark ages. Someone please tell these men that the world is round and to take off the leeches.

Tom Cruise publicly ridiculed Brooke Shields for taking Anti-depressants and seeking medical, psychiatric care for her post partum depression. This uninformed reasoning, is as if someone who has kidney disease, shouldn’t have dialysis, that someone who is diabetic, shouldn’t take insulin. Tom Cruise’s naiveté and inability to comprehend science, is similar to George W. Bush’s mental deficiency in understanding the importance of Stem Cell Research.

Brooke Shields, is a fascinating choice for his public criticism. It is revealing, that the most powerful actor in Hollywood needs to criticize a woman, a mother suffering from depression to rationalize his vulnerable, belief system. Or, that he feels his character disorder is threatened by Ms. Shields public admission.
Sounds like misogyny to me.

We will never know if Tom would get post- partum depression if he could have a baby. Tom adopted his children with ex-wife, Nicole Kidman. I am sure under Cruise Control Nicole didn’t get depressed. And in real life, men can’t have babies. But that’s another movie.

But for now Tom and George W are both publicizing War of the Worlds. And neither is available for comment until the credits roll.