10 Signs You Have Gone Overboard Organizing

09/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Karen Leland Marketing and Branding Consultant/Best Selling Author

As Summer starts to fade and we forge straight ahead into Fall, the coming change of seasons proves a prime time to pack away unused clothes, de-clutter the home office and clean out the house in anticipation of the holidays -- which let's face it are closer than we think.

Getting organized can be an overwhelming task, but with the right approach, you can be ready for the season ahead in no time. With the scores of books, television shows and articles (like the one's I write) proliferating our lives -- cleaning and organizing can seem like a full time job. But (and Oprah, please cover your ears here), it can even become a type of obsession - and not the fun kind.

I recently went thought a phase of compulsive cleaning that prompted a friend to pronounce "you're cleaning out your closets again?" In my deep desire to simplify, I may have occasionally gone overboard on the organizing thing. So my declaration for what little time is left of summer is to spend less time sorting and more time being with family and friends, reading and lying out in sun. Don't laugh you may be a member of this club and not even know it. Here are ten signs you have gone overboard being organized.

1. You wake up at 4:00 am stressing over the state of your sock drawer

2. You sneak off to the Container Store but tell your family your going to the market

3. You think spring-cleaning deserves to be declared a bank holiday

4. Cleaning up after a dinner party includes re-organizing your Tupperware

5. Helping clean up after a dinner party where you are a guest includes re-organizing the host's Tupperware

6. Friends laugh out loud when you declare, "my house is such a mess!"

7. Your husband suggests that you start a local chapter of PCA (Plastic Containers Anonymous)

8. You seriously ponder the merits of acrylic drawer holders over plastic white ones

9. Although you try not to judge, you think a messy pencil cup is a sign of a life in trouble

10. You can actually find your car keys when you go to look for them

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