04/16/2012 11:04 am ET Updated Jun 16, 2012

Attracting More Clients

More business, more clients or customers... aaahhh, music to a business person's ears. This seems to be almost as elusive as the unicorn. It's almost like a mystery.

I have great fortune in getting to talk to a lot of business people, both through my coaching, speaking engagements and as former Chamber Vice President and this truly is a universal issue.

First things first, before you read any further, I want you to think about why you aren't getting the clients or customers you think you should be getting.

Typically, what I find is that the answer that people come up with are clues to why customers aren't showing up at their door. And it's not the reason they just came up with. Sometimes it has to do with external drivers such as lack of skills in getting the word out there or there's a construction on their doorstep. What I find, more often than not, is that it has more to do with their mindset than anything else. Yes, even in this economy.

You've probably seen other people in the same industry thrive during this time and you'll have your reasons as to why that's happening, too. But I find that mostly, business owners just get in their own way.

Here's an example, years ago, when I was starting my business someone asked me why I wasn't adding coaching to my income stream mix as it was part of what I had done for years. My answer was something to the effect that I didn't want to work with people's problems and a lot of the clients I had in the past drained me and I didn't want to do that anymore. My wise friend laughed and said, 'You're an Attraction Expert, aren't you? Why don't you just figure out who you want to work with and attract them?'

LOL. Yeah, it's just that simple and you'd think I would have figured that out. Sheesh me! At least for me, at that point, that's what I needed to shift -- my thoughts about the clients.

Take a look at each of these and see if any apply to you:

  • Do you enjoy your clients or customers? Pick out your favorite clients or customers and ask, "What would it take for more of them to show up?" Then get curious about how they'll start to show up.
  • Do you enjoy your business? Focus on the parts of the business you love instead of what you don't love or what isn't going so well. If you don't love your business, start asking, "What would be the best business I could be in that would bring me more enjoyment and way more money?"
  • Do you enjoy the work? If you don't enjoy the actual work, start asking for help, affordable, really good help that really likes to do the stuff you don't. I did this and have fabulous people helping me -- it truly is the best thing in the world. You can free yourself up to do what you really love and you can help to support others to do what they love! How does it get better than that?!
  • Do you enjoy the people you work with? If you don't, start focusing on their best aspects or start focusing on all the other aspects about your work that you love. What you'll find is that they'll start to shift. My famous mantra with my clients when it comes to relationships with others -- when you shift 'the other person will fall in or fall away.' It happens all the time!
  • Do you worry about money endlessly? Remember, you get what you put out and if you put out the fear of not having enough money, that's what you'll experience. Simple quantum physics (and Attraction) -- like energy attracts like energy. I talk about this in the Attract More Money Bootcamp; you want to shift your thoughts constantly. Ask this: "What would it take for more money and more business to show up?"

Truly, I could go on and on with examples because they are endless!! I've mentioned some of the most common mindset blocks people come up with and they are all resolvable by starting to ask questions, not so you can figure out what to do next, but so you can start paying attention to what is showing up around you that are clues to your next step to attracting more customers. You'll get inspirations, or in the case of someone who recently attended my Inner Game of Business and Money Workshop, since the Monday after the weekend workshop she ended up getting booked up for the next two months! How cool is that!?

It starts with shifting your focus. Let your inner brilliance shine. Let your life grow and attract more of what you want! It starts with making a choice.

These are just some ways to start, if you want more, check out my complimentary online videos at Attract More