06/19/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

How Do I Prove that Law of Attraction Is True?

My cousin and I have had a debate over the premise "you create your own reality" for many years now. She will agree to some degree, but only as far as the concept of "self-fulfilling prophecy," and has long challenged me to prove it. I'm pretty sure that the LOA is true, but being pretty sure isn't really enough to have any positive effect. How can I prove it to both her and myself?
Thanks, Diana W.

Often, I get questions asking how one proves that Law of Attraction exists to others. My simple answer is stop trying to prove and start living it. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

The fact is that precisely due to attraction principles, as soon as someone thinks it isn't going to work, it isn't going to work. It's like that great saying by Henry Ford: "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." So, if someone is going to choose not to believe that they can create their own reality, let them. (However, it does lead to one ask how they thought they got from their bed to their workplace or the grocery store yesterday.)

Your time is better spent checking out how law of attraction works for you. Start keeping a journal of what showed up that you asked for, good or bad. Acknowledge the smallest of things, they count, too. What I mean by "what you asked for" is what you were focusing on. What we focus on grows... period. I have a whole explanation of that in a presentation I did recently. Check it out on Law of Attraction Coach channel on YouTube. It's a great piece that I speak about to groups so they start to understand how their business or sales (flow of money!) is affected by what they think and focus on.

The reasons that the "bigger" things in our life don't show up or change or shift is exactly because we have a lot of this disbelief, or other gunk, that gets in our way of creating an absolutely wonderful life. I do it, too, and am constantly in a process of clearing out these subconscious limiting beliefs. I do this with my coach and I do it for my clients as their coach. It's an amazing process and it is extremely liberating as suddenly you find yourself easily attracting the things that once seemed out of reach.

So forget about trying to win over your cousin, let her ask you how you've suddenly developed a golden touch. How great would that be? Then, she'll be begging you for your secret. Doesn't mean she'll change anything. That's the hard part of this whole process; when you see that people could change their lives and they don't despite having the tools right in front of them. But, don't let that stop you. Forge ahead, choose to ask for evidence because you want to believe and you'll get far different evidence than if you ask for evidence because you don't believe. Right there is proof positive that Law of Attraction exists.

But don't believe me. Remember that pudding?

Karen Luniw is the author of Attraction in Action: Your How to Guide to Relationships, Money, Work and Health and is a coach who helps people break through blocks in their personal and business lives. For inspiration, check out her Top 10 Law of Attraction Tips for 2010 movie. There are huge clues in the movie to help you move further towards your goals.

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