Fashion's Night Out... The Recap!

11/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fashion's Night Out was a huge, massive, amazing success -- I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

The day started at 10 am, with schlepping our stuff to the Scoop Street store, which is luckily not for from my apartment/Purple Lab HQ. That meant: a platform for Veronica Varlow to stand on in the window, running to the garment district (Mood of Project Runway fame) to pick up purple velvet fabric (necessary to cover the tables and match the curtains that we planned to install in the windows), blowing up fifteen enormous metallic lip-shaped balloons with helium, Purple Lab T-shirts for the mannequins in the store (I spent all morning doctoring them up -- ages ago, I learned tricks of the tweaking trade from Elisa Jimenez, a designer friend who was later on Project Runway and became known for leaving spit marks on clothing to remember where to sew -- remember her?).

Purple Labbies -- in our doctored Flashdanced-out tees -- roamed the streeys, guerrilla marketing style -- to share the purple love and get more traffic at Scoop Street! This picture actually ran in!


Oh, we brought tons of lip glosses (we gave No Panty Lines free if someone bought two shades), coolers for ice, hundreds of plastic cocktail glasses, six jars of Lychees, three four foot tables for cupcake, DJ, and bar stations, I could go on.

Here's Colin from U'Luvka vodka, manning the bar (he served up over 900 martinis!)


Where was I? Oh yeah, the schlepping...

Hot pink platters for passing, dozens of our curvy boxes to sprinkle throughout the space, extra point of sale displays for more branding in the stores, Band-Aid's high heel blister protecting bandages as another gift with purchase, and working with Ford Fiesta on the schedule for picking up some bloggers to bring them to our event (the girls freaked out over the sweet ride, which came complete with a curated Pucker Up play list by DJ Lips)...

Meet DJ Lips, decked in purple Philip Lim - she's so cute (as are her crystal lip-print headphones). Her playlist was fierce - will add it to a separate post!


Todd and our window chanteuse, Sarah Sparkles, spent five hours getting our sets together. Five hours. He was on a ladder outside, pasting up the vinyls with our branding. By the time the party began, the space was perfection!

And so was the makeup of Team Purple (multitasking maven, Lisa - follow her on Twitter @LisaPurpleLab - she's new!) did all the girls with purple glittering eyes! So cute!

Here she is, a budding makeup artist!


Window 1 (Sparkles made the heart shape sculpture out of our boxes while Todd hung it by fishing wire so it looked like it was floating!):


Veronica starring in the other window! Sexy, sexy! She was blowing kisses and passing love notes all night long.


Let's just say - she had a lot of fans!

The revelers packed in the doors all night and our girls paraded through the store, showcasing our glosses to shoppers. Apparently, people at Tory Burch and DVF across the street were buzzing about us - at least Veronica!

It took us five hours to turn these blah black cigarette trays (READ: NOT for cigarettes!) into such cuteness.

From left (and their Twitter names): @LisaPurpleLab, @TiffPurpleLab, @NinaPurpleLab (love our chickies!).


Video coming soon. Dee of @candidcomments on Twitter is editing now!

Wish you could have been there... in this crowd, playing with us!




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