Purple Lab and Life After HSN

05/16/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Not a moment of rest since Purple Lab's premiere on HSN went down. We're in the midst of planning the next group of shows for the April.

Plus, the manic manufacturing phase for Pearlesque Show, a new silicone-free primer with crushed pearls, honey, kiwi and a host of delicious active ingredients, has begun.

Sharon and I are furiosly planning PR and marketing - desk sides with the major magazines, adding content to the site, starting to shoot how-to videos, and a special initiative for Pearlesque Show's launch (cannot give deets yet - but it will be fierce).

Always a mad rush. I dream of the day it's not!

In the meantime, don't ask me about tax situation. It's a wreck. And I would guesstimate that I'm a good year away from having a real office, which means I am putting aside baby making plans for later. No way could I imagine having an infant in my home office with five interns, a desk in the living room, no door to shut (the apartment is loft-like, hence no privacy and I often take conference calls in the closet or bathroom), and running around the way I do.

I swear, if I did give birth right now, the baby would surely turn out to be the unibomber. Sorry mom and dad! I have to wait another year - not the best idea considering I'm verrrrry close to 40.

Thank God my brother is having a child in April - alleviates a little of the grandparent-pressure!

There are big conversations in-office about retail expansion - are we ready and if so, where? It's hard to grow in the traditional brick and mortar arena.

Imagine you're in a massive store with 200 locations.

You have to provide point of sale displays to each, along with multiple testers of all products. You have to visit each store regularly, send a team in to train staff and often, you send someone to work the floor in your name. There's marketing for each location on top of it all.

Meaning: MONEY!

Selling IN is one thing... selling THROUGH is another. That requires support.

Back to MONEY which is not at my disposal, sadly.

Even as you sell products on HSN, any money coming in goes back to fuel the growth of the company, manufacturing, cost of goods, photo shoots for the site. Need I go on?

I'm also talking to the chemists about some products for July for the HSN presentations then. Totally hush-hush so I can't go there now, but if the testing we're doing works out, OMG, will I have something insane for your makeup bag!



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