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Karen Schaler


Spring it On! 7 Detox Tips for Travelers (PHOTOS)

Posted: 04/22/2011 5:57 pm

Vacation hangovers are the worst! You know that feeling you get when you come home after a fantastic trip bloated and broke because you ate too much, drank too much and spent way too much. Add this to the stress you have about going back to work and you end up needing a vacation to get over your vacation!

As a non-stop television correspondent and author of Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need to Go?, I'm constantly globetrotting around the world reporting about the importance of taking care of your mind, body and soul. Yet, this last winter I got so crazy busy I forgot to take my own advice and ended up paying the price, fighting one sickness after another, with doctors prescribing me weeks of antibiotics and steroids. I finally listened to my body that was screaming for me to give it a break. Something had to change, fast.

I still needed to travel so I decided to create a way to detox after my trips, starting with adopting some healthier eating habits. Not easy since all my life I've been that skinny girl you love to hate, scarfing down carbs and anything loaded with sugar. Traveling was my excuse to overindulge in calorie-laden meals. It was all "research" I'd tell myself, as I shoveled in another bite of crème brulee. But after a recent trip to Rome, where pasta and wine were on the menu every night, I got home feeling exhausted and knew I needed to make some healthier choices.

To start off, I signed up for a three-day juice cleanse, my first ever cleanse, figuring this would be the ultimate "spring cleaning" and a great way to help me get on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. I decided if I was going to power through three days of drinking just juice I might as well use this opportunity to detox some other areas in my life, including signing up for some new exercise classes and using healthier beauty products like KNOW! Hair & Body. The results have been amazing! I feel like a new person.

Here are the seven body and beauty detox steps I took to launch myself into a healthier lifestyle. I hope you can find some tip here to help you detox after your travels and help get rid of that dreaded vacation hangover. I'd also love to hear some of your ideas and best detox tips!

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Detox Your Body
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A great way to jump start a body and beauty detox after overindulging on a vacation is to start with a cleanse. It just makes sense to clean out all the junk you've put in your body before you begin putting healthy stuff in. There are a lot of cleanse options out there but I chose BluePrintCleanse for several reasons.

First, several friends had tried it and loved it. Second, it was easy. The folks at BluePrintCleanse make all the juices fresh and deliver them to your door. Third, since this was my first cleanse I liked how with BluePrint you get to customize your own program, picking the length and the level of cleanse you are prepared to do.

I picked three days, over a weekend, figuring if I crashed and burned it would not be during my busy work week. You get six 16oz juices a day to drink and that's it. I was most worried about getting down the green juice made with lettuce, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley and lemon, because I am not a vegetable fan.

Amazingly, I loved the green juice, it tasted refreshing and satisfying, a huge relief! The other juices, like the spicy lemonade and pineapple, apple and mint juice, were equally yummy! Even though I kept thinking a splash of vodka would taste really good in the pineapple juice!

I was never hungry once on the cleanse and although I missed the act of eating a real meal and sipping a glass of wine with dinner, I never cheated once and that alone was a big boost to my confidence! I finished the cleanse empowered and excited to start eating healthier and actually craved a salad instead of pizza for the first time.

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