05/28/2010 11:33 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Better Organic God (BOG)

Organic Ingredients in Finding God.

The mission of my business, Better Organic Choice, is to help men and women make better organic choices when choosing their personal care products. But lately I've been on a mission to find the better organic choice in my understanding of God. I now try to to balance my preaching of the better, organic choice (we call them BOCs) in beauty products to include BOCs in life.

Going the organic route has made me feel more enlightened, like I know better than you mere paraben, BHT cream-slapping mortals. I'm becoming the image that I see in certain religions and groups that preach too much about the divisions amongst us and not about the unity. The definition of organic is 'simple and healthful and close to nature,' so why is finding God becoming so filtered with additives, so far from organic?

The ingredients in the process are always the key. In this case, meditation is the key, prayer is the key, fasting is the key, Christ is the key, Islam is the key, but for me it has been a challenge to find the meaningful key in a culture that is so locked up. Wrong race, no key. Wrong social economics, no key. Wrong religion, no key. Wrong sexual preference, no key. The list goes on.

For many of us, one of the most organic elements of our lives is establishing a relationship with God or another higher spirit. But some of the ingredients that are supposed to be showing us the keys are locking us away. Sometimes I don't recycle -- am I going to hell? I saw my neighbor, a recycling guru, in my building this morning and she wasn't wearing her universal, godly smile. Matter of fact she NEVER wears a universal, godly smile or even says a simple hello. Is she going to heaven?

I'm becoming overwhelmed with this green, organic movement becoming almost religious. Every area of wellness, from yoga to food, has an opinion on why it is the true way. I got so fed up this weekend, I stopped looking. I'll just go to hell with all the other smiling non recycling sinners; it has to be a bit easier than 7 a.m. yoga classes and affording organic food while I see second-class doctors! I find I'm judged more trying to find the keys to God and green. Shouldn't this be simple; shouldn't this be organic? So my goal this week is to find five people to share five ideas with me about what they do that makes them feel universally more connected to God or a higher power, and at the same time makes them more connected to others through their actions. No scriptures, no chanting, no praying -- just simple acts that you feel are acceptable and beautiful regardless of who does them. Please share your experiences with me. Let me know how your five ideas give you an organic, godly experience.