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Kate Schelter


10 Summer Classics for Men (SLIDESHOW)

Posted: 05/26/2010 2:25 pm

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, here are some summer style jump-starters for the men out there. After my 10 Summer Style Spiff Ups for Women, the response was loud and clear: make one for us men too! With the help of my bespoke-obsessed boyfriend, here are 10 classics - that easily go from town to country, or the beach - for the dapper gent and the sporty jock. I know they have a penchant for the preppy but many have updated, modern twists and what can I say... classic is classic: it works!

Lock & Co Straw Hat
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Lock's website declares that the origins of today’s boater hats are the sailor’s hat issued to midshipmen in the Royal Navy near the end of the nineteenth century to provide protection from tropical sun. These hats were then adopted by children in Victorian England and became part of their uniforms wearing their school or house colors as bands. And did you know that Panama hats are made exclusively in Ecuador and are hand-woven from the Tequilla Palm? The origin of the black band on the hat dates back to 1901 when Queen Victoria died. Available at Lock & Co.
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10 Summer Classics for Men (SLIDESHOW)
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