New York Fashion Week, By the Numbers

09/20/2010 03:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Katherine Ensslen Director of Makeup Artistry and Fashion Production, M·A·C Cosmetics

I think it's fitting that as New York Fashion Week has come to an end, I barely have the time to recap. The fashion moment -- and all its assorted ups and downs -- has come and gone, and I'm en route to London to make it happen all over again. But in true NY minute style, here's a detailed look at Fashion Week, by the numbers:

Number of shows M•A•C supported: 95
Shows at Lincoln Center: 31
Shows at M•A•C at MILK: 34
Number of makeup artists involved: 270
Number of show shifts assigned to our freelance friends: 97
Number of show shifts completed by M•A•C retail artists: 266
Total number of show shifts: 1053
Number of presentations added mid-week: 3
Photo shoots during NYFW: 3
Celebrity/designer appointments: 6
Boxes of Kleenex (for sinuses, allergies and mental breakdowns): 4
Number of taxis taken (crosstown, uptown, downtown, Lincoln Center, Milk and beyond): approximately 50
Number of shows at an old gay bathhouse: 1
At a furniture store: 1
Amount of freak tropical storms: 1 (What the hell was that?)
Lost Blackberry chargers: 1
Amount of new Blackberry batteries purchased: 2 (Yes that means I'm carrying three around with me; pathetic.)
Number of times artists missed shows due to being in traffic accidents: 3
Number of emails regarding my team looking/gathering/ searching for new products: 168
Number of emails in my inbox on Thursday: 1,563
Best painkiller of the week: Advil Cold and Flu (Felt no pain but a bit spaced out -- super!)
Number of times a model showed up at the wrong show (that I personally caught): 6
Number of "serious conversations" with production team: 10
Number of times we were given the wrong call time and show time: 1
Number of shows that decided to show early (yes, you heard correctly): 1
Amount of Gold Pigment rushed from the M•A•C store: 20
Number of false eyelashes used: 127
Number of cups of coffee: 20
Glasses of wine: 8 (not even remotely enough!)
Number of times I had a huge cry: 2
Number of times I love my job: too many to count

See you in London guys!