10/18/2011 01:34 pm ET | Updated Dec 18, 2011

Reinventing Your Life

Funny how life evolves and before we know it we're wondering how we got to be where we are. Have you ever asked yourself the question "How did I get here?" What does it all mean? Am I really doing everything in life that I want to be happy?

Look at your life in the most exciting and empowering way - through the eyes of REINVENTING YOUR LIFE. Join me as I share with you excerpts from my book (in progress), STOP! I WANT TO GET OFF: The Guide to Reinventing Your Life.™

The goal is to tap into what truly creates that inner spark and make sure you're living your life to the fullest.

Finding your balance is critical in this process. Working on any one piece of your life that you consciously choose to affect is a REINVENTION - it's moving your life to a place where you're getting all that you want out of it.

All I ask is that you allow yourself to reflect and question your potential - your potential to be all that you want to be - thus allowing the true happiness that you deserve.

For example, the lawyer who always wanted to be a rock star - he wakes up daily, miserable, irritated, taking it out on those around him and wondering where his life is going. Ask him what he once wanted to do with his life. He'll tell you he dreamed about being a rock star!

But when did he last pick up a guitar and play it - when he was 14 years old? Does he even still own one? Imagine going out and buying a guitar, signing up for weekly guitar lessons and perhaps even putting a weekend "garage band" together with a group of other guys that feel the same way!! He probably won't mind actually going to work as much come Monday morning having nurtured his soul and passion in ways he never knew he could.

Sometimes, this is what we're searching for and those who go through that ridiculous "mid-life-crisis" - forget it - this is all it's about - a yearning to find passion and spread our wings at an age we think it's "all over" and downhill from here.

Really - quite absurd when you think about it - you have a chance to create your own reality with a little dedication, focus and streamlining your energies - you can have most of what you want and live your life in a way that gives back to you, constantly.

Perhaps when you go to work on Monday, you'll have a skip in your step or a smile on your face that just wasn't there. Maybe it's that work that is your reinvention.

The goal here is to create balance, dig deep and tap into the things that stir you and give you a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, stimulation and simply make you happy while getting back in touch with your true self.

So take the next week to think about all the things you'd do if you had a blank slate, unlimited time and the freedom to have exactly what you want. Take out a piece of paper and start to write it down. Contemplate the different areas of your life: Work, Hobbies, Health, Travel, Friends....consider it all and just pick one to start focusing on.

Ask yourself that question and look back to that moment when you dreamed.

Hello, are you still in there?

It's priceless...

We'll go in depth on these different topics and I'd love your feedback, stories and thoughts about REINVENTION. Share this and my website and blog with others and let's lift each other up as you reinvent your life.