06/28/2010 09:11 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One Day on Earth

October 10, 2010, will mark an incredible new day in history and as a creative activist, I couldn't be more excited! My foundation, Creative Visions, has the unique privilege of supporting One Day on Earth, an exciting new participatory media event where individuals in every country of the world will film a snapshot of their life on 10/10/10. The event is open to anyone with a camera and a link to the internet, and will result in a feature documentary and dynamic online time capsule.

I recently met with founder and director Kyle Ruddick in Malibu, California to ask him just why he is taking on such an ambitious project. Kyle explained that the goal of One Day on Earth is to "create a more accurate picture of daily life on this planet in order to reveal the basic human struggles and triumphs that unite us." Surely this event will foster a sense of global empathy and inspire us to come together to face our world's problems as one community.

I love this project -- and am already plotting the footage that I will be shooting and submitting on 10/10/10. Please join me in One Day on Earth's rapidly growing community and add your unique perspective to this exciting and important project.

How YOU can get involved:

  • Educate: One Day on Earth is creating toolkits that will empower students to share their perspective on 10.10.10. Educators can sign up for toolkits at:
  • Partner: One Day on Earth is forming partnerships with causes and nonprofit organizations to help them further their charitable objectives. If your organization is interested in a potential collaboration with One Day on Earth, please contact:

For more information about One Day on Earth, please visit:
For more information about Creative Visions please visit: