03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How to Save Health Care Reform: Teabagger-friendly Re-Branding

The Health Care vote in the house was close. And it still needs to
the Senate. Poor branding, such as the term Public Option, didn't help
the cause.  But it's not too late to win the support of  Republican
enemies and
the Teabaggers who control them.  I submit  a list of re-branding
alternatives that will have Obamacare foes supporting health care
reform faster than you can say Death Panels! Vote on which one will have the Teabaggers Teabagging for reform.

  • The Private Option 
  • The Keep the Government out of my Medicare/ Medicaid Option 
  • The Eternal Life Panels Option
  • The "This Option Kills Commies" Option 
  • The "This Option Defeats Gay Marriage" Option 
  • The "This Option makes a magical wall that keeps out the illegal aliens" Option 
  • The "Let's Trivialize the Holocaust by Comparing it to Health Care Reform" Option 
  • The WWBMW (What Would Baby Maddie Weawy Weawy Want) Option