11/22/2007 09:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Huffington Posters: Get off of Bob Novak's back!

Do you liberal, secular, gay, vegan Huffington Posters have nothing better to do than get your recycled hemp panties all up in a bunch over "Plamegate"? Arianna Huffington is having flashbacks and the Wilson-Plames are yelling treason, which makes me think that perhaps they all shared some laced LSD at a recent drum-circle-ing, tofu-eating, Nation-reading, Michael Moore-viewing party. But the most horrific creations coming from the bloggerotti are the specious attacks against a true American hero. Of course, I'm talking about patriot journalist Bob Novak.

Where does Larry C. Johnson get off accusing Bob of being "in bed with Karl Rove" (as if that's a bad place to be, anyway).

How dare Sam Stein question the reliability of Novak's sources and his claim that Hillary Clinton is sitting on "scandalous information" about Obama.

Crazy wing bats are even calling this alleged leak a "Bob Novak trap" he has set in order to pit Democrats against each other. Well, Novak has come forward and revealed his solid source: someone who was "told by an agent of the Clinton campaign" was the person who told Novak about the scandal. So take that, conspiracy theorists! Novak's source is as direct and reliable as they come. Some, if not all, of the best journalism is based on reporters finding out from someone else who was told by someone else that someone else did something.

Of course left wing media's shameless scapegoating of this exemplary journalist is no surprise. We all remember how the liberal media and Joe "Valerie Plame" Wilson (if that really is his name) jumped on Novak when he patriotically exposed the identity of Valerie Plame Wilson. By going after Plame, Novak was blowing the whistle on yet another case of nepotism, string pulling, corruption. I think I speak for all America-lovers when I say that if I have to hear another story about a Washington D.C. insider (Joe Wilson) using his connections (wife Valerie) to get to go on an unpaid fact-finding mission to an impoverished, famine-stricken semi-arid, West African nation to investigate the presence of uranium, I'm going to scream.

Contrary to populist left wing belief, Novak is no "douche-bag of liberty" no "prince of darkness." He is a scrupulous journalist, an American hero, and, most importantly, my hero.