10/20/2011 05:57 pm ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

What Would Rahm Teach?

If you could take a class from Mayor Rahm Emanuel, what would you want him to teach?

That's the question that Chicago start-up Dabble has posed to the F-bomb-dropping mayor's constituents. The online-based company provides a digital marketplace where everyday experts can set up workshops and pass along their skills to the general public. Past class offerings have included everything from jam-making to welding to belly dancing. And learning a new skill doesn't have to break the bank. Each class is only $20.

The push to get Mayor Emanuel in on the educational action is part of Dabble's new not-for-profit initiative Learn From. Dabble hopes the "Learn From" initiative will expand into a series where community members can nominate public personalities, business leaders and celebrities to instruct on various topics. Imagine taking a cooking class from Rick Bayless or learning how to play guitar from Billy Corgan. If Mayor Emmaneul agrees to teach, Dabble will donate all proceeds from the class to local charities that support education.

So what would you want Mayor Emanuel to teach? Here are some of my top-of-mind suggestions:

  • Poetry: We all know the mayor has a way with words, especially the kind with only four letters.
  • Dance: I saw Rahm shaking it at the Adele concert in May. He needs to let us in on where he got those smooth moves.
  • Twitter: The mayor sure knows how to capitalize on social media. Oh wait. That was Dan Sinker?
  • Governing: You may as well teach what you know.
  • Flower arranging: Because why the f@&k not?

So what would you want the mayor to teach? You can watch Chicagoans submit topic ideas for Rahm Emanuel's workshop below. Suggestions run the gamut, from ethics to swimming.