Report from Day 1 in Guatemala

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

My Favorite Twitter-Stalkers

Life is so amazing and my first night in Guatemala (12/26) humbled and reminded me yet again.

I spent my first day touring the city from 2-5, after an 8 a.m. landing. Honestly, I was frustrated: I wanted to get doing what I was going there to do, service to others.

Meanwhile, unknown to me, a young lady in Guatemala City who has been following me on Twitter was trying to find me. Her boss had introduced her to Never Eat Alone a few years ago and changed her thinking about professional relationships. Then when Who's Got Your Back came out, she read it and gave it to her office mates and created one of the region's first Lifeline Groups.

She and her friend were driving around Antigua trying to use my Twitter updates as clues to find me to get me to sign their books. ("Do you recognize this picture...?") Finally they got the courage to message me: "We're in the same city, can we buy you a drink?"

Well, skip ahead to dinner with us all: Susette and Sara, my Twitter stalkers, now emerging friends, and of course Emlyn who is my travel coordinator from Cultural Embrace...

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