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4 Ways to Modernize the Traditional Wedding Shower

While wedding showers are a great way to gather friends and family together to toast to the bride, they certainly aren't the most popular part of wedding season.

Oohing and aahing over a bunch of gifts that are straight off the registry can get a little boring, and the games leave something to be desired. But they don't have to be a bummer; we just need to bring them into the 21st century! If you're throwing a wedding shower for someone this year, here are our top ways to make it something everyone can enjoy.

1. Make it a display shower.

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We're all about making this not-so-common tradition more popular! The guest of honor doesn't open her gifts at a shower because the guests bring them unwrapped (though often arranged in a cute way, or with a bow on top). Once opening gifts is no longer the main activity and form of entertainment, it gives the bride an opportunity to do something more important: hang out and chat with all the people she cares about. We love any wedding tradition that allows for more time with loved ones.
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2. Invite men too.

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Rather than turning it into a "couples' shower" where everyone feels like they need to bring a date, why not keep it a bridal shower...where you invite men and women? While you definitely don't need guys to have a good time, the ladies-only setup can feel very old-fashioned. Surely the bride has brothers, male friends, and maybe even a groom whose presence would make the day more fun for her. There's really no reason to keep the guys she loves most off the guest list.
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3. Serve drinks.

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Given that most bridal showers take place during the day, booze is often not on the menu. But many ladies who lunch enjoy cocktails with said lunch, and a little bit of alcohol can go a long way in helping everyone relax. And we'd love to see what kind of advice the bride starts getting once the older generations have had a few drinks. That's the kind of bonding moment the bride will always remember.
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4. Ditch the word "shower" and make it some other kind of party.

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The implication is that a shower is all about the gifts, something that makes a lot of brides feel awkward. So make it a luncheon and use word-of-mouth to let people know it's more about their presence than the present. Or take a cue from the bride and plan a day she'd love: if she's a foodie, bring in a chef to do a cooking lesson; if she's a workout buff, arrange a private class for everyone at her favorite studio. And don't underestimate the power of a good spa day. Champagne and pedicures surrounded by her nearest and dearest? Sign us up!

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