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Romanoff: Sen. Bennet "Refuses to Tell Us Where He Stands." (VIDEO)

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If you've ever wondered what U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., stands for, it turns out his Democratic primary opponent, Andrew Romanoff, has the same question.

At a campaign event in Aurora on Sunday, a woman said to Romanoff, "I really do appreciate your willingness not to badmouth your opponent. However, why should we vote for you rather than for him?"

The former Colorado Speaker of the House, without mentioning Bennet by name, said, among other things:

  • "I believe I'm better qualified for this job."
  • "Politics doesn't reward modesty, so I'll tell you this: I've been recognized as the best legislative leader in America by the National Conference of State Legislatures." [Romanoff shared that award in 2006.]
  • "It's not just my opponent, it seems to be the leadership of the entire Democratic Party in the U.S. Senate that's forgotten: at some point, we're in charge, we need to start acting that way, not split the difference before these debates ever begin."
  • "With respect to policy differences, I believe my positions are closer to where we ought to be. Frankly, I have positions on issues, which itself distinguishes me in some [cases] from my opponent."
  • "It's very difficult for me to distinguish myself from a candidate who refuses to tell us where he stands. I will. I am, right now. And in the course of our debates on health care policy, on financial reform, on energy and the environment, on campaign finance reform, my positions are clear."