Video: Building A Better Green House

02/23/2010 08:12 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Project7ten , named for the address of our model green house, is a three-dimensional example that showed people the reality of green building and green living. People can come and tour the house to see how beautiful, but also how possible it is to live green. It's a showcase of how you can live both in the green and in style. Business-wise, the house also provided a sustainable fundraising model that supports environmental organizations (the proceeds from the public tours of Project7ten and the sale of the home help to support Healthy Child Healthy World and the NRDC).

Designed by Melinda Gray of Gray Matter Architecture and built by Tom Schey of Minimal Productions it provides a living example of a cutting edge home, with an aesthetic in harmony with the environment.

It has been an amazing and positive experience to me as both an environmentalist and a fundraiser. Definite hats off to my partner Tom Schey for his great ideas and the consciousness and care he put into building this home. We as a team feel really positive about the outcome of this organic process and, courtesy of Attention Span Media, are thrilled to share it with anyone who is interested.

Special thanks to Attention Span Media.