Condoms Rising

03/24/2009 10:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If only these had been around for your extremely sensitive, focused-on-the-perfect-moment college boyfriend, then everyone would have been happy.

LifeStyles is set to unveil its newest model this month- the latex-free, microscopically thin LifeStyles SKYN condom that, according to trial users (how does one get that gig, by the way?), one can barely even feel. On top of the product's material distinction amongst its competitors, the SKYN ad campaign will take on a different and, ahem, deeper approach, packing some major cajones with a voyeuristic montage romp of hot bodies getting it on.

As condom sales take on an inverse growth relationship with the sinking economy, with sales inexplicably up 5% towards the end of 2008 (virtually free fun with a small margin for error is my hypothesis), the ads look to satisfy the increasing demand, based on the premise that the new SKYN bad boys come as close as a condom can to feeling like, well, nothing. Throw in a woman being flipped over a bed in underwear uncannily close to her skin tone and I imagine LifeStyles will have men and lots of women hooked.

Bucking the tradition of humor-based condom advertising, the SKYN campaign takes a leap of faith in predicting their consumer base might actually have the maturity level to base their sexual decisions on messages relating to the actual act, rather than farm animals, cartoon characters and narratives that skirt the issue. At the very least I'd think women would hope for that in the men whom they choose to sleep with, although the talking heads on certain cable news channels will undoubtedly disagree. Then again, that doesn't surprise me, but I digress.

With numbers showing us that people are having more safe sex, and hopefully just more sex in general, it seems like the perfect time to take a truly intelligent, honest look at what's really going on out there. Set the DVRs for the View once the ads run and let the debates begin! Or, just go have some (safe) fun.