House Call

10/11/2007 09:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why does anyone go to Dr. House? Don't get me wrong. I love the show. But yikes!

Take last week's episode, "The Right Stuff." A young woman test pilot started seeing psychedelic images without the benefit of a Jimi Hendrix album. So she literally used her life savings -- $50,000 -- to have Dr. House cure her and this is what she got.

A group of 40 first year residents diagnosing her case. Actually, 39 young doctors and one impostor.

No nursing care since she wasn't officially checked into the hospital.

A glass room so visitors could watch her fill a bedpan.

All tests performed by these newbie residents and impostor.

A misdiagnosis: carbon monoxide poisoning.

One test that went awry resulting in a heart attack.

Attempts to revive her causing her chest to catch on fire.

Another test resulting in a psychotic episode.

Medical students breaking into her house.

A second misdiagnosis: liver cancer.

Getting her drunk and almost causing the shut down of her liver.

She becomes unable to breathe.

A third misdiagnoses: lung cancer.

A lead doctor who thought he was imaging things.

A breast implant.

An illegal operation.

And never did anyone think that since it was her vision that was impaired that maybe they should give her an eye test.

House just seems to get more and more outrageous. Always entertaining, but they seem to be reaching for stories now more than ever. As I was watching this episode, an exciting new plotline for the series came to me. I think it was during the paranoid psychotic episode. Dr. House becomes George Bush's personal physician. Round up the green med students and the fire extinguisher!

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