05/10/2007 06:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I'm Sorry George, We're Going to Have to Let You Go

So Chris Albrecht, who guided HBO to its current place of prominence, has been fired as a result of his altercation with his girlfriend this weekend in Las Vegas. David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue was removed as president, taking the fall for the February tarmac debacle.

And yet, George Bush remains in office.

Albrecht and Neeleman built stellar empires on solid management, vision, and public trust. Bush has destroyed a nation, plunged the world into a reign of fear and terror, and looked the other way as the eroding environment jeopardizes the planet for future generations. I mean, really, how bad does he have to fuck up?

I suppose if he were to be caught slugging Helen Thomas or forging checks as Cliff Robertson there might be an outcry. But turning his back on the majority of Americans he is sworn to serve -- that's a free pass. Knowingly lying to the public to start a war for his own personal gain -- not even a warning.

Don Imus makes one unfortunate remark and a thirty year radio career is over in a blink. Bush surrounds himself with shady advisers who are all just one step ahead of the Grand Jury yet still doesn't face an employee review.

Boston Red Sox manager, Grady Little wins a hundred games but is canned for leaving a pitcher in one batter too late. LaKisha Jones hits one bad note and is blown out of American Idol. Star Jones' very presence on The View is enough to get her dismissed. On number of vacation days alone George Bush should be shown the door.

It's time already. George W. Bush should be fired. No severance. No letters of recommendation. Return the key to the executive rest room and black box. His personal items in a brown paper bag he can pick up at the guard kiosk. No more PX privileges.

And his impeachment should serve as a warning to other public officials. This nation will only stand for gross incompetence, negligence, willful deceit, conflict of interest, laziness, and destroying the national economy for six years. There's such a thing as accountability. Don't test our patience.

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