01/21/2008 06:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Suzanne Pleshette

Sometime in the mid 70s Lorenzo Music, one of the creators of The Bob Newhart Show (and voice of Carlton the Doorman and Garfield the cat)
and his wife Henrietta starred in a pilot. I went to the taping. For
the big finale Lorenzo & Henrietta were joined on stage by the MTM
all-stars. All the cast members from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Rhoda, Phyllis, maybe even Paul Sands' Friends and Lovers
was that year. It was quite dazzling. Idols like Bob Newhart, Mary
Tyler Moore in her absolute prime. But the thing that struck me was how
Suzanne Pleshette was so stunningly beautiful that it was almost like
she was in color and everyone else was in black in white. She was
simply radiant. Shimmering. Breathtaking. And all she did was just
stand there.

If there is such a thing as star presence Suzanne Pleshette had it.

She passed away on Saturday. She was only 70. Don't smoke.

I'm sure when you think of her you think of Emily Hartley, Bob
Newhart's wife on The Bob Newhart Show. Words you might use to describe
her -- in addition to gorgeous -- are funny, sophisticated, smart,
compassionate, definitely sexy. And these would all be accurate. But
there's one more.


Yes, dear sweet Emily Hartley could drop F-bombs with the best of 'em.
And every other word and expression you might hear on Deadwood. But God
was she funny. Used to maximum effect, and in that deep husky voice,
Suzanne could shock and pulverize you almost instantly. And somehow she
always managed to be racy without being vulgar. How do you do that? I
guess that's why the Tramp is still a Lady.

Maybe the most thankless role in sitcoms is the star's wife. Usually
they're relegated to the voice of reason, the wet blanket. Not Suzanne.
She was Bob's partner, his equal. Bob and Emily didn't have to fight to
be funny. They didn't have to be opposites. They were grown-ups. Their
comedy sprung from how real and relatable they were. You always bought
them as a couple -- even if the "Bob Newharts" of the world don't
usually get the "Suzanne Pleshettes." You just knew they had a good sex
life. And you knew they'd be together forever (even if Bob did have
this bizarre dream where he was running an inn and married to someone

I will always think of Suzanne Pleshette as she was that night at the
pilot. We lost a gifted comedienne, a first class beauty, and one
helluva broad.

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