Diamonds, Gold & Entrepreneurs

11/05/2010 01:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What do they have in common?

Do you know how much pressure it takes to make a diamond? Here is an illustration. Imagine the Eiffel Tower turned upside down, with all it's weight resting on a plate 5 inches square. Now that is a lot of pressure. Now lets talk about heat. Did you know that gold is achieved in it's purest form by heating the material at temperatures in excess of the melting point between 1,200-1,400 degress celsius for 1.5 hours to ensure complete separation of impurities? Now that is a lot of pressure and a lot of heat with the end result being amazing, beautiful and valuable.

I introduce to you -- the entrepreneur. Even in the face of pressure, heat and adversity the true blue entrepreneur never gives up. The entrepreneur thrives at challenges and welcomes them.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone, the spine of our world. While others may be paraylyzed by the current world economics, entrepreneurs are embracing new ways of marketing the new social media way. Forging ahead, pioneering into new territory clearing the way for innovation and success. They are not intimidated by setbacks.

Hearing the word "no" fuels the true blue entrepreneur and inventor of change. When someone says no to an entrepreneur a "yes" is just around the corner.

If you, like me are an entrepreneur -- you get it. You understand that change is good and creates opportunities for growth.

Even though the times we are living in are critical and hard to deal with -- we still have to live. This unique time is providing us hope. Remember to reach down into the "kid" in each of us and tap into the time when we thought everything was possible with no limitations because of social, economic, financial or political restrictions.

Continue tearing down the walls of product and business anonymity and building up visibility and approachability. You never know who is watching, listening and connecting.

Onward entrepreneurs!