12/01/2011 01:42 pm ET | Updated Jan 31, 2012

Oil Companies Powned in Epic Switcheroo Operation [Video]

In true "Yes Men" style, environment campaigners duped representatives of major oil companies into attending a meeting about the harsh realities of offshore oil drilling, instead of their intended meeting with Greenland officials to talk about opening up Northern seas to drilling.

Jon Brugwald, a Nordic Greenpeace campaigner, explains how the Copenhagen meeting was jammed:

When the oil industry people arrived to the site of the meeting, Greenpeace activists greeted them with a red carpet drenched in oil, hand-banners, and a huge floating banner that read"Protect the Arctic: No License to Drill.

We decided that we needed to be dead certain that we this time had the full attention of the oil companies. To ensure this, we arranged our own get-together just downstairs from the official meeting. We booked a meeting room and set it up in nicely with coffee and cake for the nice oil people. When they arrived at the venue, our friendly activists (not the ones with hand-banners and the floating banner), welcomed oil industry people and told them that the meeting was unfortunately moved to another floor due to the annoying Greenpeace activists.


All the oil company representatives -- from Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, Statoil and NunaOil -- politely came along to our meeting instead of a meeting with the Greenland representatives.

What came next was a half-hour presentation by the well-dressed campaigners on the many dangers posed by drilling in the pristine waters off the shores of Greenland -- like the catastrophe that would result from an accidental oil spill making the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil disaster look like child's play in comparison.

"After half an hour, they didn't have a clue about what was going on, and even when the last slide came up, they were oblivious to what had happened," said Burgwald.

Watch it:

All I can say is "POWNED!"