09/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What if Obama's Health Care Plan's Most Dangerous Enemy Was... Twitter?

The health care battle in this country is failing, and not yet because of the bill itself. Like every other piece of legislation that is influential (or juicy) enough to garner attention from the media, Obama's potentially phenomenal - potentially catastrophic - health care plan has become so politicized that if it weren't for today's faint-worthy and not-so-healthy temperatures, you'd swear it was late October 2012 not August 2009.

This summer has felt like the summer before an election year. Not altogether surprising I suppose given the recession, a new Latina justice who made a mildly offensive gaffe early on, and a brave attempt at universal (a word which does not mean "socialist") health care. Yes, we have been fighting a battle with extreme fervor and animosity under the guise of Obama fanatacs vs. critics, the left vs. the right, the uninsured vs. insurance companies, and the list goes on. Maybe, however, we're missing the point. Maybe we are all fighting against something bigger, less governable, and certainly more chaotic.

Beginning with the notorious - and some of us would claim poorly handled - torture memo debacle, President Obama and his team have been unable get their nation and economy-saving bills passed due to the ever-fighting factions in Congress and the media, not to mention the blasphemous lies being told from all corners and all states - ahem, Alaska (yes, I'm referring to the Death Panels, Mrs. Palin. Not even you are pretty enough to get away with such a ridiculous statement.) I've never seen my Twitter buddies type 140 characters as fast and with such anger as when her statement on Obama's Health Care plan and the "death panels" was posted on on at True/Slant.