Log Cabin Republicans: New Year, New Leader...Same Destructive Message

01/02/2007 01:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Log Cabin Republicans just elected a new leader, Patrick Sammon, a 32 year-old Roman Catholic, who wants to do his part to return the GOP to congressional power by "pursuing a unifying and inclusive conservative agenda." The ultimate in absurdist politics, this group and its leadership should hang their contradictory heads in shame as 2007 dawns upon the land.

Here's my question for Mr. Sammon, who in theory represents more than one million gay Americans who voted for Bush in 2004: How can you advocate for a party that reaches out and cultivates votes from segments of society that actually want to kill you because you are gay? Since 2000, under Bush and Rove, the party you support so ardently has repeatedly and successfully played upon the lowest form of homophobic hate and bigotry to win state and national elections.

Here's just a few examples of the destruction you supported with your gay Republican vote:

While Sen. Frist decided the constitution should be changed to outlaw same sex marriage, Republicans have frenetically introduced legislation in the majority of states to prevent you from ever getting married. In many states this also includes a ban on civil unions and domestic partnerships, which has the potential to set back the pursuit of equality several decades. You also helped support the non-passage of hate crime legislation to include prosecution for crimes based on sexual orientation, gender and disabilities. Did you also overlook the fact that Republicans support the rights of employers in 34 states to maintain their legal ability to fire someone because of sexual orientation? I'm curious, how did you feel every time Rove and White House strategists used homophobia to rouse up the base of your party in an attempt to get Bush's comatose approval ratings out of the basement or distract national attention from the catastrophic mess in Iraq? And speaking of Iraq, let's not forget that your vote also helped give life to an administration now responsible for the deaths of 3,000 American troops in a war proven to be based on lies and political manipulations. Maybe that last one doesn't matter to you since you can't serve in the armed forces anyway because of your sexual orientation.

You claim to be for fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, limited government and individual liberty. Let's see how you are doing. The deficit is the biggest in history, lower taxes didn't actually "trickle down" to the majority of U.S. citizens in any meaningful way, Americans were spied on by the government under more than one covert program, and your individual liberties as gay Americans are being blocked and eroded at every turn. So can you explain to me again how your party has championed those virtues on which you base your very existence? You state in your promotional materials that you "believe all Americans have the right to liberty, freedom, and equality," and that you will "stand up against those who preach hatred and intolerance." The truth of the matter is that it's impossible to have it both ways when you are gay in America. As advocates of the Republican party, there is no moral line between Giuliani and Falwell. Both are ultimately accountable for the damage republicans have brought to gays and lesbians in this country since 2000.

Mr. Sammon, you can't vote Republican and then claim to be for equal treatment regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Nor can you raise your voice in protest every time your beloved GOP stabs you in your lavender back. If you vote Republican because you falsely believe they are the party that will somehow put more money in your pocket, then you have chosen greed over your own identity. For every gay, lesbian or transgender American that is bashed, taunted, fired from their job, denied housing, healthcare or civil rights, you carry a portion of that responsibility because you advocate and vote for candidates that represent a political party that collectively refuses to do anything to stop these atrocities. In fact, by being a Log Cabin Republican, you support it.