08/26/2011 11:32 am ET Updated Oct 26, 2011

Friday Photo: Reflection

When photographers hear the word "reflection," we usually think of an image created with a surface such as a mirror or still water. Many photographers view reflective surfaces as a sort of canvas for creation and manipulation. But we should also remember that "reflection" can be a form of meditation and deep thought.

At the Hofburg, the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck, Austria, both definitions are in play. Visitors would have to crane their necks to view the many painted ceilings and gilded walls if it weren't for the clever kindness for tourists. The palace utilizes mirrors on an axis to reflect what's above and around, making such surfaces viewable merely by looking down. For a photographer, it's not just a relief for a tired neck but a new perspective for photographing the awe-inspiring surfaces which adorn all the rooms in the Hofburg.

Join me — and the rest of Twitter — in sharing images under the theme of "reflection" this week by simply tweeting with the hashtag #FriFotos. See the submissions of your fellow adventurers here and learn more about "FriFotos" here.

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