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Tony Sachs

Forget About Horses: A Bourbon Picking Guide for Derby Day, and Every Day

Tony Sachs | Posted May 4, 2012

The Kentucky Derby signifies three things to me. First, that Kentuckians and horse racing enthusiasts will soon commence another year of getting ready for an event that's over in about two minutes. Second, ladies wearing funny hats. And third, bourbon -- Kentucky's gift to the world.

I don't...

Small Kitchen College

Summertime Cinco De Mayo Cocktail: Tequila Sunset

Small Kitchen College | Posted May 4, 2012

Photo Credit: Small Kitchen College

Recently I turned 21, which opened a door to happy hour, classy cocktails, and purchasing alcohol for more than two bucks. Basically I feel like I've entered actual adulthood. And yes, I will admit to fully exercising...


Cinco De Mayo

Food52 | Posted May 4, 2012

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, we've planned a Mexican fiesta full of spicy cocktails, guacamole, tacos, and more!

• See more of our taco recipes for a Cinco de Mayo feast.
• Try Not Exactly Grandma's Migas for a Mexican brunch.


13 Smashing Recipes For Derby Day

Food52 | Posted May 4, 2012

Place your bets, put on your finest hat, and make room for a smashing Derby Day feast. We've got plenty of Bourbon (for drinking and cooking with) and other Kentucky favorites.

• See more of our ideas for cooking with bourbon.
Get everything...

Maria Rodale

6 Essential Kitchen Tools

Maria Rodale | Posted May 4, 2012

by guest blogger Maya Rodale, writer of historical tales of true love and adventure

For years I lived in tiny Manhattan apartments with microscopic kitchens that barely had room for a person to stand, let alone cook. Yet even with little space to store or use kitchen supplies,...


The Ultimate Mint Julep Recipe

Meathead | Posted May 4, 2012

Bourbon is the quintessential American whiskey and the drink of choice of many Southerners. Made primarily in Kentucky, mostly from corn, when properly made, filtered, and aged, Bourbon can rival the finest Cognacs in richness, depth, and complexity.

Mint is a weed. Plant some now and you'll be engulfed by...

What To Drink For Cinco De Derby | Posted May 4, 2012

Like some rare astrological phenomenon, both the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo fall on Saturday. In honor of the occasion, you could whip up some classic Mint Juleps and Margaritas.

But we're taking the alignment of holidays as a sign to make something out of the ordinary....


Mint Juleps For Derby Day

Imbibe | Posted May 4, 2012

Saturday is Derby Day, which means it's time to make some Mint Juleps! The pre-Prohibition refresher has long been the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby, and even if thoroughbreds, frou-frou hats and pastel-colored suits aren't your thing, it's still reason enough to raise a julep cup -- especially with...