House Tattoos Are the Ultimate Home Decor

03/17/2015 04:10 pm ET | Updated May 16, 2015

Just decorating your home to meet the latest trends is no longer enough to show your complete and utter devotion to having a Pinterest-worthy house. Everybody and their chevron-loving step-brother is doing that. You've gotta differentiate yourself as a Real Proud Home Person.

"And just how do I do that?" you're naively asking as I hold back an eye roll so hard I get a migraine. It's easy, dummy: get a tattoo of your house. Let's take a look at some examples.

Image / Tattoosday

This simple tattoo of a Vancouver house was likely completed in minutes, but it'll forever cement this man's status as someone who just isn't fucking around when it comes to his home.

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This poor homeowner endured some seriously bad times, and then some good times, and then they got a tattoo to remember it and it looks awesome.

Image / 1337 Tattoos

It absolutely doesn't matter that this person lives in a tent. The fact that they got a tattoo of it means it's automatically infinitely better than your Aspen summer home.

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This homeowner decided to include a warning message to her ink-less neighbors.

Image / Inkah

This sure is the Addams Family house.

The fact that I failed 4th grade geography means I'm unable to determine which famous mountain that is in the background, but I do know this tattoo belongs to one seriously superior resident of a one-window house.

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A gorgeous winter scene with lavender and rosemary. Chilling to think that you had previously assumed your carefully curated bookshelves were enough.

Image / Fat Baby Dave

Another simple house tattoo to remind you of your inadequacies.

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This homeowner took time out of her busy tornado-dodging schedule to get a tattoo of her adorable home. What's your excuse?