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Fashion Week: More Than Just Emperor's Clothes?

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There's often a moment during fashion week when we -- the royal we meaning the editors of Bazaar -- look at one another and say, "Where are the clothes? The real clothes?" We haven't said that yet this season, and I wonder if it's because we've gotten accustomed to seeing editors trotting around in sheer jogging pants with purple knickers in full view; neon-orange gazar cocktail frocks at noon; and shoes without heels, by which I do not mean flats, I mean shoes that literally require all of one's body weight to teeter on the ball of the foot while there's air where the five-inch heel should be. What is real anymore? Does throwing a cotton mac over a pair of ruffled pantaloons make them real (see Marc Jacobs)? Does layering a T-shirt under a tulle dress that could do double duty in a ballet studio make it real (see Vera Wang)? Does putting two pant looks on the runway erase the fact that almost every other look was destined for a cocktail party (see Rodarte)?

2009-09-14-images-hbznewsstandcoverjanetjackson1009huffpo.jpgMaybe we're entering an era of the unreal. Case in point, Lady Gaga. Last night, she turned up late to the Marc Jacobs show and even later to the V magazine party in Marc's honor. The crowd was throbbing, and so were my feet. At 12:30, she took to the stage for two acoustic versions of her hits "Poker Face" and "Just Dance." And after that, I danced my way home.

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