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Today is LIVESTRONG Day and I, united with 200 advocates from across this country, will walk the halls of Congress demanding that our Senators and Representatives do more to support the fight against cancer.

We will urge them to support The Cancer Screening, Treatment, and Survivorship Act of 2007, introduced this week by Senator Tom Harkin, Senator Olympia Snowe, Representative Jan Schakowsky and Representative Sue Myrick. This bill is a bold expansion of access to early detection, treatment and survivorship services aimed at reducing cancer mortality rates and improving the quality of life of those diagnosed.

Today is LIVESTRONG Day and individuals across this country will be uniting to host over 230 local LIVESTRONG Day events. From Sean Swarmer, a cancer survivor, hopefully summiting Mt. Mckinley to a luminaria event in Las Vegas celebrating and honoring the spirit of those touched by cancer to a food blog event called a Taste of Yellow people all over this country and in some cases the world have found their way of participating in this fight.

Today is LIVESTRONG Day and 12 states and 19 cities across this great country have united to sign proclamations declaring today LIVESTRONG Day.

Today is LIVESTRONG Day and the Empire State Building, a sign of strength and American spirit, will be wearing yellow and standing united with all of us.

Today is LIVESTRONG Day and despite all of our best efforts 1,500 people will die from cancer.

Today is LIVESTRONG Day and it is a day to make fighting cancer a national priority.

Today is LIVESTRONG Day and you can make a difference.