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Agitprop Distilled

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This is your brain (thinking)

A) Iraq fraud 24/7:

Bush/Cheney and Blair will get you started. Plus the unofficial Iraq war Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and for my next act: Part 0

B) The Horror:

Chambers, Abu (very graphic), More horror (not graphic), More horror redux (not graphic), Extraordinary criminality, More

C) Beltway Bandits:

Delay funnels, Cunningham sails, Ohio coinage, Blackwell delivers, Frist and Gregg sell drugs

D) America is Halliburton’s Bitch:

Exhibit A, Exhibit B (too much to list)

E) Holy shite, what?

Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C

F) In case you blinked:

Election 2000, Stickers Sitting Pretty, Machinery, One Out, Two Out, Three Out

This is your brain on Fox and Friends

A) Ministry of Peace announces that the “insurgency is in its death throes

B) Ministry of Approved Information announces menus prove kindness

C) Ministry of Health announces feeding tube only conference

D) Ministry of Celebrity Scandals announces Michael Jackson festivities

E) Ministry of Fable announces that anti-Homelanders hate Christians, anti-Homelanders are pedophiles, anti-Homelanders hate America, anti-Homelanders will be punished Part I, Part II, Part III

F) Babble, Babble, Babble, White Noise, White Noise, White Noise

Any questions?