07/18/2005 08:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

John Fund, This Cup of Tea Is For You!

I was happily basking in the sense of upcoming justice and watching Hardball when the usual suspects were wheeled out of the White House talking points frozen tundra to help spin pro-Karl.

John Fund, who can always be counted on to carry the water for the James-Baker team, called the outing of a CIA covert officer as a political hit nothing more than a

"A tempest in a teapot."

Then Fund went on to say (astonishingly people can speak after a lobotomy) that Ambassador Wilson’s claims regarding yellowcake uranium were proved false.


Did I wake up in a world where WMD’s were found and a democracy was born in the Middle East while the entire war paid for itself in oil?

John, that must be a hell of a brew you have percolating on your stove. By the way, does anyone think that Fund looks a bit like Frau Blücher?