02/17/2006 06:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Speaking to Jingo-Man

You cannot press me silent
Bruiser, because I don't have
Enough flags attached to my house,
Or because I don't like your lists and eyes
On lists, or threaten fists against
Me if I won't sit still.

You cannot shove me quiet
Brother, because I don't have crosses
On my wall or because I don't read your
Book or Books of Books, or
Threaten to get your hooks on
Me if I won't agree.

You cannot strike me still
Buster, because I don't rage
Along with you to make the world
Genteel or because I don't want your goods
Or wares, or forced words on worlds,
That don't speak for me.

You cannot hit me "free"
Bully, because my eyes can see
The past and all the other eyes that came
Before mine enough to know that you
Can't have your lies for long before the
Rot stinks up the place.

-Larisa Alexandrovna © 2006