Beyond Astonishing

07/05/2006 07:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The CIA has shut down the special unit that was tracking Osama bin Laden.

Not that they were any good, based on the results. But still, shouldn't the United States at least symbolically care about getting the guy who actually did 9/11, killed over 3,000 Americans, most of them civilians.

When people say that 9/11 changed everything, it's not supposed to mean that we put the clowns in charge of the circus. No insult to clowns. Being a clown takes training and skill, unlike running the war on terror.

Will the real Dick Cheney please stand up and say that NPR and the New York Times are traitors for revealing to the enemy that we're not actually fighting them too hard. Because we have other things to do? We're bored? We have NADD and NADHD (national ADD and national attention deficit hyper-war disorder)? Cause we just don't care?

Will the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee commit some oversight? Will they call a hearing? Or will they remain asleep at the wheel? Like they were about 9/11 itself, the national wiretapping project, the weapons of mass destruction scam and their failure to ask Michael Hayden at his confirmation hearings if he ever actually caught anyone. If you want to send one, or all of them an email, and say, We're doing what? We're giving up on catching Osama bin Laden? Do we really not care? Do you care? What are you, personally, doing about it? You can find a list at Write to the Senator from your own state. Senators truly don't care about voters from other states.

Will George Bush be embarrassed? The answer to that is easy. No. On March 13, 2002, he said, "I truly am not that concerned about him [bin Laden]." See, there are times when George Bush should taken at his word. He is truly not concerned about catching bin Laden.

Will the Washington Press Corp remember that Bush once said we were going to get bin Laden dead or alive? And that there are times, lots of them, when George Bush can't be taken at his word. Why should they? Clearly no member of the Washington press corps has been fired for failing to ask tough questions. They're like gays in the military, the way to keep their jobs is 'Don't ask, don't tell.'

Will the Democrats awaken from their long, long sleep, their mumble mouthed dithering? Will they say, long and loud, over and over, that our commander-in-chief was the man who let 9/11 happen and he's the man who invaded the wrong country afterward and has failed to get the people who actually did the foul deed. Sadly, that's unlikely.

Will we, the people, wake up? Complain to our representatives, replace our representatives, write, send money, vote, get our friends and neighbors up and active. This is beyond astonishing.